Visit to Lapland

For all the congress participants we are offering a chance to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Lapland.

Destination: Levi, Kittilä

Traveling times:

Thu 09 August: AY 637 Helsinki – Kittilä klo 10:40-13:10
Sun 12 August: AY 637 Kittilä – Helsinki klo 09:10-10:35

Price: 395,00 € / person

In Levi You’ll find an unique chance to feel the magic of Lapland and Sami traditions. During the summer the sun doesn’t go down for 45 days.

Total silence, breathtakingly beautiful nature, the wilderness. 

You’ll find the heart of northern Finland in Levi. You can enjoy the nature by hiking, canoeing, riding or by fishing on a lake Sirkkajärvi.

More information about trip to Lapland, Levi will be published soon!