Suelen Carls, University of Marília, Brazil

Suelen is an Assistant Professor at University of Marília (Brazil). She has a Doctorate in Law by the Federal University of Santa Catarina State (2016), during which she spent a year researching at University of Oxford (2015/2016) to deepen her doctoral research which focused on the Geographical Indications (GIs) and their implementation issues, especially the role and the limits of the code of practice, and of the control and management structures. Suelen also holds a Master of Regional Development (2013) and is a Bachelor of Laws (2009) both by Regional University of Blumenau. Besides teaching, Suelen acts as a legal advisor in the field of intellectual property rights, mainly advising producers, organizations, and public bodies about GI recognition process. She is also the coordinator of an annual interdisciplinary event in Brazil, that already in its seventh edition, of which universities, government, producers, tourism and cultural sectors attend and engage in discussions on GIs, cultural heritage and regional development issues.