Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori

Law Professor, Dean, The Haim Striks School of Law, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.

Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori is a researcher in the fields of intellectual property, copyright law, design law, and law and technology. Her worldwide published researches present multi-dimensional examination of intellectual property law and Prof. Fischman-Afori is also developing diverse legal tools for promoting this field. Furthermore, her publications include the development of the interface between intellectual property and human rights, emphasizing the importance of remedies in the development of substantive law, and promoting open standards along with practical tools for developing intellectual property law. Prof. Fischman-Afori is invited to lecture in many frameworks in Israel and worldwide. Prof. Fischman-Afori is a graduate of LL.B. (magna cum laude) and PhD in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Fischman-Afori served as a guest researcher at California University, Berkley, US in 2007, and as a guest researcher at Cambridge University, England in 2013. Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori teaches a variety of courses and seminars in the field of intellectual property and the mandatory course in Corporate Law.

Since 2016 Prof. Fischman-Afori serves as Dean of the Haim Striks School of Law.

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