Pamela Lönnqvist, University of Helsinki, Finland

Pamela Lönnqvist is a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law and an IP Lawyer at Boco IP Oy Ab, Helsinki, with a special interest in patent law in the life science, biotechnology and health sectors. She has studied law at University of Helsinki (LL.M), Faculty of Law, and political, moral and social philosophy at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (B.Pol.Sc.). She is currently writing her PhD on biotechnological inventions. However, in recent years her research activities have covered a wide range of questions from the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, and conflicting applications to questions relating to the unitary patent system and Unified Patent Court. At present her research is focusing on the emergence of the plausibility requirement in Europe as an additional test used in connection with the assessment of sufficiency of disclosure, inventive step and industrial applicability of life science inventions, as well as the patentability of medical and diagnostic methods and the exclusion from patentability of inventions on the basis of ordre public or morality. Previously, she has been a researcher in the Academy of Finland project “The Inner and Outer Limits of Patent Protection (PatLim)” (2012/2016) relating to computer-implemented inventions, a researcher in a project conducting a study on the impact of the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court on Finnish companies (2013/2014) ordered by the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), and a member of the steering committee of the multidisciplinary Consortium project “Additive Manufacturing and Innovation: Technical, Economic, Legal, and Policy Related Aspects of Rising Technologies – AdManI” (2015/2017). She frequently gives presentations on various questions in the field of intellectual property law.