Niklas Bruun, IPR University Center, Finland

Niklas Bruun has for long held positions as Professor in Private or Commercial Law at Hanken School of Economics and the University of Helsinki and since the year 2000 he has been the Director of the IPR University Center in Helsinki which is the leading Academic institution for IP research and teaching in Finland with six universities as members. Professor Bruun has since 20-years been the leading Academic scholar in IP-law in Finland, especially in copyright and patent law. He has been the chair of several committees for law revisions of IP in Finland and has published several books and articles in the field, among others “Intellectual Property Law of Finland” (Kluwer). Recently professor Bruun has together with professor Nari Lee been in charge of a research project on innovation and IP enforcement in China together with a group of researchers from Europe and China (see the book “Governance of Intellectual Property Rights in China and Europe” edited by Lee-Bruun-Li 2016) and he has taken part in research regarding the European Unitary patent (see “Transitions in Patent Law” (eds Ballardini-Norrgård-Bruun 2015). He is at present one of the editors for a Research Handbook for Edward Elgar on IP and employment (expected 2019).