Mr. Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director, World Intellectual Property Organization Academy

Picture1.pngMr. Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy, is a national of Egypt and joined WIPO in 1991.  He has worked in the Office of the Director General;  the Regional Bureau for Arab Countries;  the Office of Strategic Use of Intellectual Property for Development;  the Department of External Relations; and in 2015 became the Executive Director of the WIPO Academy.  Mr. Saadallah was responsible for the process that led to the adoption of the WIPO Development Agenda in 2007.  Mr. Saadallah previously served as a diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and worked in the Permanent Mission of Egypt in Geneva.  He is seconded from the Egyptian Foreign Service and holds the title of Ambassador in his national service.  He graduated from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and has studied at the Diplomatic Institute for International Studies in Cairo and at the Institut Universitaire des Hautes Études Internationales in Geneva.  He speaks Arabic, English, French and Spanish.