Anette Alén-Savikko, University of Helsinki, Finland

LL.D Anette Alén-Savikko is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki (faculty of law) and University of Lapland (faculty of law). In her research she examines the legal aspects of digitalization, new media and (audiovisual) communication. Her research interests situate in the field of intellectual property (IP) law, copyright and trademark in particular, as well as data protection law. Her research focuses on the intertwined character of economic and other sociocultural dimensions as well as on the relations of legal and non-legal elements. Alén-Savikko conducts research on visual arts in her subproject ”Variations of fairness” which is part of the research project “Art, Copyright and the Transformation of Authorship” (2016-2019), funded by Emil Aaltonen Foundation. Previously, Alén-Savikko has participated in many interdisciplinary research projects and published on various topics within her fields of interest. She has also acted as a national expert in several global or EU wide studies.