Session 9 (8:45-10:45am)

Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public: What Does it Mean in Patent Law ?

Chair: Taina Pihlajarinne, University of Helsinki, Finland
Location: Assembly Hall

Moral Exclusions on Patents: in Search of Foundations
Aurora Plomer, University of Bristol Law School, UK

Patent Policy in the Age of Nationalism
Sapna Kumar, University of Houston Law Center, USA

Ordre public and Morality Exclusions from Patentability in a Developing Muslim Country: Pakistan
Saad Nusrullah, Punjab University Law College, Pakistan

Patents, Morality and Biosciences Innovation
Ana Nordberg, Lund University, Sweden

Wither Fairness: Pricing Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Vidya Kumari, Hyderabad University, India

Fairness, Patents and Plausibility
Pamela Lönnqvist, University of Helsinki, Finland

Compulsory Licensing of Patented Pharmaceuticals Using the Marrakesh Model (presentation)
Jerome H. Reichman, Duke University, USA

Towards a Fair Intellectual Property Framework for Open Science
Juan F. Córdoba-Marentes, Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia