Session 7A (1:40-3:20pm)

Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public: What Does it Mean for Employees in Global Production Chains?

Chair: Anna Tischner, Jagielloński University, Poland
Location: Assembly Hall

Intellectual Property Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility
Janice Denoncourt, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Fairness and the Right to Employee Inventions
Niklas Bruun, IPR University Center, Finland

Using Fairness to Determine Post-Employment Duties with respect to Trade Secrets
Magdalena Kolasa, European Patent Office

The Offence to Religious Beliefs: Comparing Protection Systems, Copyright Law v Industrial Law
Maria Letizia Bixio, European University of Rome, Italy

Fairness in Certified Global Food Chains
Katja Lindroos, University of Eastern Finland, Finland