Early career workshop

Location: Assembly Hall

Early career researchers and all ATRIP members are invited to attend this workshop, the first of its kind at ATRIP. The meeting will have two parts. During the first part, the early career researchers listed below will have 240 seconds (4 minutes)–and not one more!–to present their research. Being able to present a coherent and convincing summary of one’s research may often be a useful skill especially early in one’s career as a scholar. Presentations will be judged by a panel composed of ExCO Members and a senior scholar from the Local Organising Committee.
The top three presenters will receive a certificate and a prize from ATRIP:
1st place: 300 euros
2nd place: 200 euros
3rd place: 100 euros.

During the second part of the meeting, we will discuss how ATRIP can best serve its early career workshop. ATRIP Members Evana Wright and Genevieve Wilkinson will help lead the discussion.


Morality in International IP Lawmaking
Katharina Behrend (UK)

Fair’s Fair? The Role of ‘Fairness’ in Shaping Copyright Law’s Library Privilege from a Library Perspective
V.E. Breemen (Netherlands)

Incentives and Regulation for New Health Technologies
Dhanay Cadillo Chandler (Finland)

Towards a European “Fair Use” Grounded in Freedom of Expression
Elena Izyumenko (France)
(with Prof. Ch. Geiger)

Interpretation and Application of Rights and Exceptions in EU Copyright Law: a Fair Balance?
Daniel Jongsma (Finland)

Excessive Pharmaceutical Prices as an Anticompetitive Practice under TRIPS
Behrang Kianzad (Denmark)

Data Localisation Barriers to International Digital Trade
Nikita Melashchenko (New Zealand)

Practicability and Significance of Human Dignity in International Patent Law: a Comparison of European and U.S. Patent Law
Stefan Papastefanou (Germany)

Consumption of Digital Works – a Legal Analysis of EU Copyright Law within the Framework of Lawful Acquisition and Exploitation of protected Content
Kacper Szkalej (Sweden)

The Necessity of “Basic Structure Doctrine”
Pratyush Nath Upreti (France)

(Re)Quest of a New Why? Re-Visiting the Policy Debate and the Rationale for IP law
Anna Aurora Wennäkoski (Finland)

Is Protection against Free riders and Market Abuse ‘Fair’ in Trade Mark Law Practice? A Human Rights Perspective
Genevieve Wilkinson (Australia)

“General Clause” of Fair Use in the Third Amendment of the Copyright Law of China
Lei Yi (Germany)