Session 4 (3:25-4:30pm)

Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public: What Does it Mean for Indigenous Peoples?’

Chair: Peter Yu, Texas A&M University, USA
Location: Assembly Hall

Fairness, Justice and Databases for Indigenous Knowledge and Culture
Natalie Stoianoff, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Human Rights Principles as Normative Tools for the Assessment of Fairness in the Context of Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage
Josephine (Kelly) Breemen, Tilburg University and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Intangible Cultural Heritage Data Flows and Intellectual Property Regulation: Mitigating Fairness and Morality
C. Joelle Nwabueze, University of South Africa, South Africa

Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and Fairness: Rethinking Recognition and Rewards arising from Intellectual Endeavor of Indigenous Communities
Bassem Awad and Oluwatobiloba Moody, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Canada