Session 1 (9:15-10:30am)

Measuring and Defining Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public in IP Law

Chair: Graeme Dinwoodie, Chicago-Kent College of Law, United States (Past ATRIP President (2011-2013))
Location: Assembly Hall

Developing a Tool for Defining and Measuring Fairness and Morality in Intellectual Property Rights
Marsha Simone Cadogan, Centre for International Governance Innovation CIGI, Canad

International Public Order & Intellectual Property
Nicolas Binctin, Université de Poitiers, France

The Three -Step Test and Fairness in IP Law: Where Are We Ten Years after the Declaration?
Jonathan Griffiths, Queen Mary School of Law, UK

A Minimum Standards Assessment Metric for the Notions of Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public in IP
Olumayowa O. Adesanya, University of Tasmania, Australia

Measuring International Standards of Fairness, Morality and Ordre Public in Terms of Development Objectives
Susan Isiko Strba, University of the Witwatersr, South Africa

A Global Norm for Fairness and Morality in IP Law: an Unattainable Goal?
Yahong Li, University of Hong Kong