ATRIP 37th Annual Congress

Hanken School of Economics and IPR University Center are honored to host ATRIP 37th Annual Congress in Helsinki, Finland in 5 – 8 August 2018.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere, we convene again in Helsinki, closer to the other Pole, thus reflecting the quest for balance in ATRIP congresses.

The 37th Annual Congress will explore the role of fairness, morality and ordre public in Intellectual Property (IP) law and policy. Those “big notions” in law that cut across IP as they do other fields of law. They vary by jurisdiction but in each jurisdiction they can cut a swath across multiple legal disciplines and policy areas. Those “big concepts” are useful in a number of ways because IP is a set of rules and principles embedded in a broad network of social norms, societal concerns and linkages with other key public policy areas: Innovation, economic growth, the development of individual potential, access to culture and medicines, dealing with climate change , maintaining a vibrant online environment, these are only some of the aspects that emerge in IP-related discussions.

Daniel Gervais, PhD, MAE
ATRIP President